Aims of AEA-Europe

AEA-Europe acts as a platform for discussion of developments in educational assessment in Europe, fostering co-operation and facilitating liaison between organisations and individuals active in educational assessment across the whole of Europe. AEA-Europe defines educational assessment in its broadest sense by including academic, professional and vocational contexts and is equally concerned with both assessment processes and products.

Objectives of AEA-Europe

The objectives of AEA-Europe are to:

  • improve communication among European organisations and institutions interested in educational and occupational assessment through sharing of professional expertise, exchange of knowledge, and collaboration between members through conferences and publications;
  • provide a framework within which co-operative research, development, implementation and evaluation of projects involving educational assessment can be undertaken;
  • foster and enhance collaborative networks and projects between organisations and individuals across the whole of Europe;
  • co-operate with other agencies who have complementary interests;
  • engage in a range of activities that will lead to the improvement of assessment processes and products and their appropriate use by organisations, institutions, agencies and other associations throughout Europe;
  • enhance awareness of assessment processes and products in relation to their impact on learning and understanding.

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