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Below you will find more information on the Kathleen Tattersall New Assessment Researcher Award and the AEA-Europe Conference Poster Award.

The Kathleen Tattersall New Assessment Researcher Award 2017

It is our pleasure to announce that the winner of the Kathleen Tattersall New Assessment Researcher Award for 2017 is DR. FAZILAT SIDDIQ. Dr Siddiq currently works as a researcher at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU). She receives the award based on material included in her PhD-dissertation entitled “Assessment of ICT Literacy”, delivered and successfully defended at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo.

The jury highlights that Dr. Siddiq has formulated an excellent extended abstract for her keynote. The proposed presentation will provide the audience with a broad and inclusive, as well as highly updated review of the rapidly evolving construct(s) of ICT literacy, and the equally rapidly changing field of research. Her presentation will seek to contrast, compare and merge the frequently used concepts 21st century skills and ICT/digital literacy (and other commonly used related terms). The jury furthermore emphasises that Siddiq’s research has a high potential of impact  since the result of the work can be used at the policy level, as well as in practice

The work underlying her presentation builds on collaborations with many other researchers across the world, and it furthermore references and builds on work from the whole world, and not only from an European/American perspective. This documents that Siddiq is a young and talented researcher with ideas and skills with which other persons would like to engage and interact. Furthermore, her work reflects an interest in working with ICT literacy assessment at a fundamental, general and overarching level. Her work also includes the skillful application of a variety of designs and methods, including for instance the first systematic review of assessment instruments worldwide analyzing the properties of measures of ICT literacy.

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About the New Researcher Award

Are you new to the world of educational assessment? Do you and your colleagues feel your work makes a considerable contribution to the field?

In 2007, AEA-Europe introduced an award for new researchers in the assessment arena. Each year a new recipient is chosen.

The winner of the award receives the opportunity to make a keynote presentation at the AEA-Europe Annual Conference. As keynote speaker, the conference fee is met by the Association and the winner is also eligible for support with the cost of travel to the conference. The winner also receives 500 Euros and a certificate to acknowledge the award.

AEA-Europe Poster Award

AEA–Europe encourages its membership to submit poster proposals for its Annual Conference each year. It is a very effective way for professionals engaged in assessment to present their work, having the opportunity to exchange ideas, get feedback to improve their work and develop new, shared projects together with other experts in the field. Please see the following pdf document for further details of the award and the selection process.