About Us

AEA-Europe’s aim to bring together experts on educational assessment responds to an ever-growing need to develop and fine-tune assessment tools and methodologies. Assessment is a topic of global significance and has become a cornerstone: today we cannot start off a reflection or trigger a debate on education without referring to assessment.

AEA-Europe association offers a unique and rich platform of exchange on educational assessment with a broad range of actors: assessment agencies, ministry departments, research institutes, universities, test editors, students, etc. The annual conference is a unique event for all the actors working in the field of assessment, bridging altogether the interested parties around scientifically quality presentations.

Beyond these very rich exchanges among the members of the association, within and outside the conference, AEA-Europe contributes to set up concrete collaborative projects: analysis work, development of instruments, bilateral or multilateral programmes, joint publications, etc

Currently AEA Europe is made up of 161 registered members, including 37 corporate members, from 19 different countries, and each year, the conference hosts around 250 participants, coming from over 25 countries.

Beyond the organization of the conference, the association undertakes actions in the field of professional development, in order to promote the culture of evaluation. An accreditation scheme allows our members to be recognized in the field of assessment. AEA-Europe also encourages young researchers in their work, through the Kathleen Thatersall New Researcher Award and the follow-up of the Doctoral Network.

Communication also plays a fundamental role in the work of the association: a regular Newsletter, our presence on social media, the special interest groups are all tools to disseminate information and knowledge in the field of assessment and to promote the growth of our association by attracting new members.

Through these activities, AEA-Europe becomes increasingly professionalised, strengthening its network and spreading its wings across Europe and beyond.

Dr. Thierry Rocher, President, AEA-Europe

Inauguration 2000